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The Third Reconstruction

New Haven, CT — The Silk Road Art Gallery is proud to present “The Third Reconstruction,” a new exhibition that showcases the paintings of a Yale School of Art alumnae working in abstract art. The concept of the Third Reconstruction presented in this exhibition demonstrates how Karen Dow’s abstract painting can be viewed through Reconstructions of their constituted meaning. The first reconstruction is rooted in shape, the second in color. The Third Reconstruction will form the central focus of our show. In this Third Reconstruction, there exists a dialogue among essences of composition and texture that emerge from these forms. Where the first two Reconstructions focus on visible structures, shapes, colors and compositions, which can either embody meanings or be meaningless. The Third Reconstruction instead focuses on the expressions left behind in the traces of prior actions. By shifting emphasis away from impulsive emotions or actions, this Third Reconstruction illuminates the subject by highlighting the spiritual significance found in individual brushstrokes and invites the audience the freedom to experience these subjects anew. In the work of our featured artist, the questions recur, ‘What are the connections between shape,color, and human emotion?

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