CRW_0464The Silk Road Art Gallery opened in March 2014 as a project of ArtPlus, the American subsidiary of Xi’an-based Golden Earth Art. Liwen Ma (马俪文, pictured here), the President and CEO of ArtPlus and Golden Earth Art, has been collecting pieces, displaying artwork, and building relationships with contemporary Chinese artists for nearly 15 years. Ms. Ma holds a Master’s in Art Design from the College of Art at the University of Northwest China, and a degree in Chinese Painting from the Xi’an College of Fine Arts; she has also been a visiting instructor at the Art College of the Xi’an Technological University, where she has taught Art Appreciation, Art Collection, and Market Research.

We have a longstanding working relationship with some of China’s finest contemporary artists. Our galleries in China have displayed the works of  various modern masters, including Liu Wenxi, creator of the portrait of Mao Zedong found on the modern Chinese 10-, 20-, 50-, and 100-yuan notes. Single paintings by Mr. Liu have recently sold for as much as $300,000 at auction.

In 2008, Golden Earth had the honor of participating in the design of exclusive prizes for the Olympic Games in Beijing; we have been asked to do so again for the 2014 Youth Olympics in Nanjing. In 2011, we were proud to collect, edit, and publish a critically acclaimed postcard series on behalf of the Shaanxi Province Post Office, entitled, “Painting and Calligraphy: The Many Schools of Shaanxi.”

Ink-and-brush Chinese landscape paintings by Zhai Jianqun, Silk Road Art Gallery, New Haven, ConnecticutWe work hand in hand with contemporary masters of painting, calligraphy, sculpture, engraving, and more to collect, promote, and exhibit artwork in a way that brings success to the artists, joy to collectors and the public, and satisfaction to our employees and shareholders. The featured artists of the Silk Road Art Gallery’s inaugural exhibit (April-May 2014) had previously had their work successfully exhibited in Xi’an, where we occupy a prominent place in the fine art world.