Exploring the Depths

The Many-Layered Watercolors of Norbert Waysberg




Norbert’s talents reach beyond the arts. He was an outstanding student who excelled at math and technology, and eventually he entered the business world. But his love of art endured. His adult evenings were spent in painting and drawing classes. Although, today his favorite medium is watercolor—he has produced magnificent works in oil, charcoal, and ink. His paintings of swirling, reposed bodies and his drawings of nudes were chosen for an exhibition of emerging artists in the Louvre. He has also exhibited in galleries in Paris, Bordeaux, Art Bastille, and several other cities in France.





In 2006, Norbert came to America and discovered a new obsession—the incessant beat, roughness, mix of old and new, and energy of New York City. Although the streets of Paris had not inspired him artistically, as soon as he settled in New York he began to capture the essence of the city with scenes of traffic, crowded streets, parks, city signage, and perhaps the most iconic—the bridges that cross the rivers linking New York to the rest of the world. He continues to paint dancers, floral themes, and abstracts, but through a New York lens.





Norbert joined the Art Students League, where in 2010 five of his works that made up a suite titled “Dance in Canvas”, were chosen for an exhibition at City Hall. Within a year of arriving in the city, his watercolors were displayed in a gallery in Chelsea. Since then American art collectors have been joining their French counterparts in acquiring Norbert’s creations.