Exposure : The Photography of Paul Duda

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What makes his work so unique? In Duda’s own words, “I believe that photography can offer us a fresh way of seeing and interpreting without simply duplicating the world around us. For this, I have had to push the boundaries… Now I’ve turned to the chemical process itself. By underexposing the chrome film, using special filtration, manipulating development times, and incorporating long exposures, I can play with a totally new tonal pallet to show the viewer scenes in a new light.”

Paul Duda’s long-exposure photography has been featured in over eighty exhibits around the world, and is collected by institutions as prestigious as the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Since 1993, he has also owned and operated a commercial photo studio in New Haven’s Wooster Square. Most significantly, he has taught at the Educational Center for the Arts (ECA) located on Audubon Street for over 20 years.

This exhibit at the Silk Road Art Gallery may be Duda’s last in New Haven: he has made plans for a permanent move to Thailand, where he will continue to photograph and teach. The show will feature photographs taken in both Connecticut and China, as well as England, Turkey, Hungary, and the American Southwest.